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How To Take Care Of a Puppy

Oct 15, 2017 1 comment
How To Take Care Of a Puppy

The kids have the right to own a puppy ?!

Most often, children can’t help but importune especially during vacations, constantly begging for the right to own a puppy.

Julie Anderson’s case wasn’t exceptional as her kids had been on her neck throughout the summer vacation constantly begging for a puppy. After some considerations, Julie was finally ready to purchase a puppy for her kids.

She and her kids spent some couple of hours, surfing the internet in search of the right specie. Their search finally paid off when they came across a lovely breed. They unanimously decided to go for it. Confident of their perfect selection, they decided to pay a visit to the pet shop but on a second thought, they wondered how they were going to care for their puppy after purchasing and bringing it home.

taking care of puppy

They wondered how they were going to train it and how they were going to manage it when it eventually grows into a big dog. Irrespective of how lovely and excited owning a dog might seem, having a dog in the house, comes with some extra responsibility.

Pet experts have opined that in order to receive a puppy’s unconditional love, fondness and faithfulness, you need to take proper and adequate care of them. But apparently, how to take care of a puppy is invariably one of the major concerns of aspiring puppy owners; be it children or adults.

Tips on how to take care of your puppy

Listed below are some highly recommended tips on how to take care of your puppy. Taking care of a puppy goes beyond providing it with some dog food and house. It spans across proper nutrition, adequate exercise, patience, down to proper socialization.

Love, Care and Nice Words

Families should also understand the fact that taking care of their pet is pretty much everyone’s responsibility. They all should provide adequate love and care needed for the proper upbringing of their dog. Try as much as possible to avoid the use of harsh words while training your puppy as these words tend to hurt their feelings and in time, they become stubborn and aggressive. Using soft tender words tells them just how carefree and caring you are towards them. Endeavour to take adequate care of your puppy, just as you would for your kids or loved ones; this is because puppies also get to grow agitated and aggressive when not treated properly or when neglected.

Vet Clinic

A routine visit to a vet clinic should be adequately considered as proper dental checkups and vaccination is paramount to their proper well being.

puppy vet


Burn The Energy

As an aspiring pet owner or a pet owner, make sure you always seek for ways to keep your dogs energetic and invariably active. Introduce them to lots of training and obedience activities.

Puppies should be taught how to walk down the road or run down to the grocery shop with their owners at a very tender age, without harassing people. This will definitely aid them in their later stages in life.

Social Activities

Introducing lots of social activities to them irrespective of how easy or challenging they seem, will practically assist them in dealing with challenges. Interestingly, puppies are socially hyper active between the ages of 5 to 17 weeks. Vet doctors have beamed that this transient weeks are the most appropriate weeks to teach puppies some superb social lives. They easily learn some training or house hold commands such as heel, run, out, stay, sit come and lots more. These words are quite essential as they will help you avoid some crazy calamities when they finally grow into matured dogs. Do not miss training your dog/s with the right words at this phase because you would pretty much find it difficult to do so at a later stage. In addition to this, exposing your dogs to Puppy classes at an early stage is also very important as it also aids them in their social well being.

Healthy Dogs Bark For Pleasure Woof Woof

Expose them to regular baths and regular teeth check-ups. Healthy dogs tend to bark at their own pleasure. Do not get infuriated or agitated when they bark; it is pretty much one of their natural attributes. Instead, help them grow stronger by engaging them in healthy exercises.

Additionally, keep your dogs in a comfortable and clean environment.Regularly clean their spots in order to keep rabies and other types of diseases away from them. Keeping them in a clean and healthy environment is essential to their proper health being. It’s advisable to get them a bed.

Also introducing them to the use of creates at a very early age is quite essential as it makes them have a feel of safety and security. Most often dog owner complains of the numerous difficulties they face while traveling with their dogs; this could invariably be avoided only if they had introduced their dogs to the use of creates at a very early stage.

Always be on the lookout for potential dangers around your puppy. Remember dogs are usually hyper active during their first few weeks of inception; they are usually inquisitive and tend to eat anything they see lying around. Therefore always be on the lookout for dangers around its leaving environment, around your garden, sitting room, bed room, kitchen and every other place it usually ventures into. Remove poisonous plants, cords, cleaning supplies, herbs, and ointments within their reach. Ideally, keep all kitchen cabinets locked In training a puppy, specifically, opt for foods richly produced for their overall wellbeing.

Nutrition ? Dogs Love To Eat

puppies eating

Food rich in calcium, potassium and other higher levels of nutrients should be adequately considered. Puppies need these foods rich in these various nutrients in the right proportion in order to enhance its bone, joint,, and health development. Seek advice on the right food recommendations for your dog, from your pet doctor, or have a chat with your local pet store owner for some advice.

Potty Training

Take all necessary measures in order to ensure the proper well being of your puppy. Potty training shouldn’t be dipped in the mud. Most pet owners, make the mistake of ignoring this training while a good number, find it quite difficult providing this training. Though this happens to be one of the most difficult stages of puppy training, it’s adequately important.

Potty training requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Show your puppy some affection and care while training it on potty ethics and within the shortest time, it will learn to do it right.

Educate Yourself

Get to know how to take care of puppy before buying one as it would pretty much help you to properly cohabitate with this wonderful friend of man.

With the education part, Leatherberg will help you. Remember, we are not only the premium leather leash designers and manufacturers but also education hub for all dog owners and dog trainers. Speak to you soon.

Woof, Woof.

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