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About Us

When you bring home a dog, you aren’t just adding a pet; you’re adding a new family member who will be there to love you, spend time with you, and share in all the adventures that come along.

At Leatherberg, we know that the love you share with your dog and the bonds you create form a lasting connection that lasts a lifetime. That’s why we to provide you with the premium-quality products and support you need to continually build strong, sustainable relationships with your four-legged friend.

How do we do it?

We listen to pet parents and develop top-quality pet products that match their every need. From our leather leashes to our training collars, we want to help you enjoy every moment spent with your dog, be it an evening walk around town, a day spent at the park, or just a few cuddles on the couch.

As pet lovers ourselves, we care about every product we make and every customer we serve. That’s why we always look to go above and beyond in making sure you’re happy, your pet’s comfortable, and together you can enjoy a healthy, happy relationship. Whether you’re raising a new puppy or teaching an old dog some new tricks, Leatherberg wants to be there to help.

Leatherberg products are made from 100% real Latigo leather. The top quality available on the global market right now.

Leatherberg Pet Brand was founded in 2016 as a family company. Natural materials and hand – processing makes every Leatherberg product a stylish original.

Our mission is to make you and your dog happy.

Choose from a wide range of our essential pet training and daily wear leather products and let us help you get the most out of your growing bond. Backed by unmatched service and superior support, our natural, handcrafted products are sure to help you and your dog be happier together.

Please check out our products or contact us today for more information!

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