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Q: Is this leather stiff or soft?

A: Our products are made of 100% real leather! Combined tanned to make it soft, strong and durable.

Q: I have a retriever and he is only 1year old. Is it durable enough ? Is it genuine leather? 

A: Yes! Leatherberg Dog Training Leashes are durable enough for 1 year old retriever. It is a real leather. 

Q:  Do you also sell quick release leather collars? Would love a matching one!

A: No. We don't sell them. We do sell standard buckle leather collars.

Q: My other leather leash had dye bleed all over when it got wet. Is your leash sealed properly?

A: Absolutely. Yes, it is.

QIs the snap hook stainless steel?

A: Yes, it is a heavy duty, stainless swivel hook.

Q: How wide is the leash?

A: 3/4inch.

Q: Is a leash sturdy enough for a Great Dane?

A: Yes it is. 

Q: Our dog is a leash chewer we try to not let her but she still has gone throw 3 leashes. Do you think this will hold up?

A: NO.Unfortunately not. It's top quality leather but it's still leather not metal. Leatherberg leather leash is not unchewable. Any leather dog leash when given opportunity could be chewed through.

Q: I Have a 60 pound pit, when he pulls ahead it feels like it is stretching. Should it feel that way? Is he too strong for it?

A:The Leatherberg leather is supple, it should feel that way. The leather absorbs some of the pull and you won't get hurt. He is not too strong for it. You could also read through other customers reviews. They are happy and satisfied especially with this feature. All the best. 

Q: Is Leatherberg leather collar safe to use in chlorine pools ? Is it necessary to oil it after bathing dogs? What's the best way to clean it?

A:  No, it is not safe to use in chlorine pools. We recommend to take our leather dog collar off before bathing dogs. That way no oil is needed. And the best way to clean it is to use alcohol. You can use a small towel or a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol and clean dirty stains.

Q: Are the edges of this leash beveled or square cut?

A: The edges of this very high quality leather dog leash are square cut however the edges become beveled after a short while.


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