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Ask a Dog Trainer

As you already know. Our main goal is to bring value to YOU! A true dog lover, enthusiast and our client or customer!

In order to make the world a better place for our beloved DOGS we have to educate ourselves and our community, and then take action on our knowledge.


ask ted a dog trainer



That is why started a new mission - called "ASK A DOG TRAINER", where you can get an answer to any dog related topic from Ted Carlson, a Professional Dog Trainer and an expert in dog behavior comletely FREE.



You will get a reply once per week, every Friday. For all of you that are interested to learn more and ask a question, we have prepared something special. So what are you waiting for - find out what ! :)




professional dog trainer
Ted Carlson is a US Air Force veteran, Professional Dog Trainer and an expert in dog behavior. Ted has over 10 years professional experience, but has been involved in dog training his entire life. Ted’s unique, science-based, 3 stage dog training system has helped dogs and their owners nationwide to overcome fear, anxiety, aggression, disobedience and bad manners as well as earn competition obedience titles and service dog certifications.
Find out more about Ted and his services on his official webpage

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