leatherberg leash


LEATHERBERG dog training leash

rewards you and your precious pet.
Maximize walking and training experience now!

Are you sick of poor quality dog leashes that hurt your hand when your dog pulls hard?

Being afraid of hours of searching for your dog after snap-hook has snapped?

Have you wasted money on leashes that smell so bad you have to leave them outside?


The LEATHERBERG comes to the rescue!

Thanks to Leatherberg dog leash you and your dog are protected and kept safe when your dog pulls really hard – made with 100% full grain Latigo leather, it features stronger double stitching with metal rivets inside.

And as an added bonus, when other challenges come your way – the snap hook with a long lasting functional string will keep the animal leashed.

Now you can enjoy lovely evening walks after a hard day at work without experiencing pain in your hands, thanks to Leatherberg’s finely beveled edges.

We know everything about dogs.

And we would love to share our secrets with you.

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Here’s what you get:

Leatherberg package designed for you from the bottom of the heart. Love leather? Enjoy the delicious scent of fine Latigo leather, with the peace of mind.

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Lifetime Money Back GUARANTEE

We provide a 100% money back guarantee if you have, for some reason, found that the product does not meet your expectations. Please return the leash in good condition to Amazon FBA. We will be happy to give you the refund or a replacement whichever option suits you best.


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